pundit is about the effective use of information technology in organisations that aspire to explore and leverage the opportunities of ‘digital’.

Organisations often struggle to put new developments into the right perspective and to adapt habits, structures and systems. We have experienced it is not easy to realise your digital ambitions; it goes beyond selecting cool vendors, experimenting with new ways of working or implementing fancy tools. For most organisations there is a need for practical insights, beyond the hypes and stripped of vendor motives. That is why we created pundit.

pundit are Dionysis Linardatos and André van der Riet. We met some 20 years ago when working as general management consultants. We moved on to rethink and reengineer the use of IT in organisations - often as innovators and early adopters of new technologies. We witnessed how ‘old habits die hard’ and have developed insights on how to change this.

We believe that IT has entered a golden age and we are enthusiastic about the potential for organisations and individuals.

We held line management positions and also worked in project and advisory roles in various industries, supplying as well as using IT. We managed relationships and alignment ranging from vendors to end users and from the work floor to the executive suite. Furthermore, the technologies have evolved: from ancient, on premise, batch processing mainframes to cloud scale out apps connecting 24/7 and real time to mobile devices and to the internet of things.

We both have experience as entrepreneur, manager, investor and advisor. André has a MBA from INSEAD and a MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Eindhoven University. Dionysis has BA, MA and PhD degrees in Applied Mathematics from the University of Cambridge.

Dionysis (left) and André (right)

Dionysis (left) and André (right)

We do consulting and speaking engagements. We continuously invest time to research new areas, also upon request. Please contact us with your questions and suggestions.